HEY HEY HEY HEROES! Leiz here and I know I haven't posted for months 'cause I'm REEEEEALLY busy with some stuff. Anyways, Lillia discovers the winners of the membership competition on her site! Well, there are 2 cards for 2 heroes and those lucky ones are namely......

                       Izeeh and Christine!

Congrats for the both of them!!:D Well, that's all for now! Hope I'll not get busy for posting!!:D



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Heya heroes!!
Choc here again!

There's a NEW sneak peek for the next episode (s) of the Space Heroes cartoon and I wanted to share it with you all! :)
So here it is..
I wonder what sort of adventures our heroes will get into this time?
And what is Shadowbot planning now??

Comment your thoughts.
I'll make sure I read ALL your epic comments :D

Hey heroes!
Choc here!!

So I've been hearing about this Secret Agent Party that might be released on Space Heroes.
And I've also heard that it'll be similar to the Super Hero party.
I have NO idea whatsoever, so all we can do is wait for more info to spill out.
This is a REALLY quick post because there's not much info about this Secret Agent Party.

JUST to make this post LOOOOOONGGERRRR I've decided to talk to you about the new Graphics Shop I'll be opening SOON!
WEELLL this graphics shop will be a different SORT of graphics shop :)
I draw pictures of your heroes like this;
All YOU GUYS will have to do is email me a picture of your Hero in their FAVE outfit or just comment on the Graphics Shop page about what your hero drawing would want to look like AND what sort of pose you want your hero to be in for example, waving, sitting, standing etc...
Just wanted to make that clear because some of you do that and I BETCHA there will be at least ONE PERSON who doesn't read the post carefully enough. :\
There always is..

ANYWAYS I hope you guys are excited about the Secret Agent party even though it's only a rumor.


Yo heroes!
Choc here!!

I haven't posted in a while have I?
It's because I went to a place called Katoomba up in the Blue Mountains.
It was GREAT!!
Okay, but more on that later, cuz I'm here to let you know about certain awesomeness that's going around right now ;)
So firstly, a HUUGGE shout out to LILLIA for reaching 100K Views, AND for the epic new design on her site!
And after seeing her new site design that she actually CODED HERSELF, I got inspired to put some extra stuff on ChocCheats!

So secondly, I just want to let you know that I'm looking for cool ideas for this site.
I thought I might ask you guys cuz you're SURELY gonna have better ideas than me, right?
So you could suggest something that could go on the sidebar here ------------------------------->
Or maybe something that could go on the homepage!
So just explore through the pages on ChocCheats so you can get your brain working on some cool ideas :D

Third of all, I have another cool announcement to make.
I MIGHT be re-opening the Graphics Shop but I WON'T be making icons or banners.
I'll be making something else more awesome and time consuming :o
But more on that in later posts..

So guys, when you see Lillia, congratulate her!
She deserves it :)
And don't forget to submit your ideas in the comments below.
You never know, your idea could become an actual feature on ChocCheats!!
I'll put up a link on the hom
Hey heroes!
Choc here!

Hey, remember the good ol' days when Little Space Heroes released cool cover images every DAY?
Well if you weren't around SHU (LSH) last July, then I'm gonna shoot you back to the past. :)
This is one of the OLD cover pics that me and my buddy Lang got to choose when we went on tv.
That is the old one.
Wanna see the new one?
Wanna see the REST of the new ones?
Click HERE to view them ALL!
I gotta say, there ARE some pretty asteroid kickin' cover images up there!
Which one is YOUR fave?
Leave a comment!

Hey guys!
Choc here again!

That moment you've all (well most of you) have been waiting for..
Membership cards are now available in the UK at Sainsbury's!
And you can unlock some goodies too ;)
So if you just happen to be around the UK (or you actually live there XD), go buy yourself a membership!
You'll get a bunny Kritter, starjet AND a snazzy outfit for your hero :D
I SERIOUSLY wish I was in the UK right now!
But I will be soon..

Heya heroes!
Choc here!

Haven't posted as much have I?
Well I'm posting now to let you guys know about two awesome things that are coming your way!
But you lucky heroes in the UK get some extra awesomeness ;)
ANYWAYS I'm just gonna jump straight into it by telling you that the next episode of the Space Heroes Cartoon will be out SOON!
It'll be called 'Rumble In The Jungle'.

And also, if you're in the UK, the wait is over!!
You'll be able to purchase Space Heroes membership cards SOON!
Like, REALLY soon!!
You heroes BETTER be getting excited because I know I am! :D
Enjoy your week guys, and I'll try to post and chat to you.
Have fun, heroes!!

The school holidays are coming up so I'll be able to go online more often!
Along with Lillia, Super Ann and Fizzablista :D!!