Hey guys, Choc here!
Just a quick post about the current party, the Galactic Sports Party.
There's a new parent 'newsletter' about the party and here it is..
Just figured I'd post this because it might be important.

Tomorrow is Lillia's birthday so when you see her, wish her a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D

Have fun heroes!

Yo sports fans!
Choc here with the latest on the GSP (Galactic Sports Party)
So starting off with the homepage, the heroes and Kritterz got a cool sport-tacular MAKEOVER!
And the decorations look AMAZING! Looks like the SHU team went all out in making the Homeworld look like a sports invasion!
Check it out..
You can also race your buddies at the Plaza!
Look, I'm winning!!!
OH YEAH, when you log in you get this SWEET GSP Pin to add to your collection!
After you get your pin, get ready to go on a scavenger hunt for sports balls with Zed!
When you've found all 20, you get a prize..
Gems and coins! :D
OMG I can NOT forget about the epic costumes!
Check out the stylish new sports gear exclusive to Hero Mart..
This is what the girls sports costumes look like in your inventory.
Okay so now onto other updates.
..well, sorta.
This update still has to do with the party but oh well XD
Take a look at the NEW sports-themed Homepad items up for sale!
And last but CERTAINLY not least, June's issue of the Galactic Times is OUT!
So guys, what're you waiting for!?
Log onto spaceheroes.com and join in the FANTABULOUS Galactic Sports Party!
Tell me, what's YOUR favourite part about the party?
My fave HAS to be the costumes!


Have a great end-of-the-week, heroes ;)

Hey guys, Choc here!

I've got a super sneak peek for you all about the Galactic Sports Party.
YUP it's got a name and here's the sneak peek..
I have no idea when it'll be released but I'm assuming sometime soon considering how they usually announce little sneak peeks RIGHT before the party starts ;)

Oh yeah, you've probably noticed that my site has gotten some SMALL changes because I just discovered how to change stuff using CSS Coding.
It's confusing stuff but it was TOTALLY worth it :D

Here's a bonus hint about something else me and some of the other bloggers are creating..
You'll get to shoot back to the past from Beta to the present.
All in one place ;)
That's all I can give you.

What do you guys think of the party sneak peek?
Kinda reminds me of the Olympics!

Comment your thoughts and keep checking ChocCheats for all sorts of cool sneak peeks and updates ;D

Hey heroes, Choc here with the ALL IMPORTANT NEWS!!

Yesterday the membership raffle closed which left me to see who guessed the correct numbers. Amazingly, one of the entrants guessed all 3 numbers CORRECTLY!
Another entrant got SUPER close.
Here's the list of all the lucky heroes who entered correctly and made it in..

Aakash, Adiaca, Alien, Alien X, Alyssa, Amanda, AnenAulyk, Angy, Bebe, Bella, Christian, Christine, Cold Heart, Delicious, Electra, Harsh Vardhan, Ino, Izeeh, Jessa, Justin, KALIZA, Kristo, Kylea, Leandre, Molly, Naruto, Ninetailfox, Prince, Princess, Queen, Unicornz, Silver, SKITTLES, Snugglez, Sophie, Stella, Stormy.

I'm sorry if you entered but didn't make it in. And if you're wondering why you didn't make it in, the main reason is because you didn't enter enough numbers. I said to enter 2 sets of 3 numbers which means you had to enter 6 numbers. The list of heroes above are the all the ones that entered 6 numbers.
So yeah, sorry.

Anyways, down to the WINNING HEROES and the WINNING NUMBERS!

The first set of winning numbers were 4, 21, 8
And the lucky hero who guessed 4, 20, 8 was..
Congrats Silver!!
You've got yourself a one month membership!
All you gotta do is give me your email so I can email you the code :)

Okay, now onto the second and final winner.
This hero guessed ALL the numbers CORRECTLY!
The lucky hero who guessed the correct numbers, 16, 3, 5 was..
Nice work Kylea!!
You now have a one month membership :D
Just give me your email so I can email you the membership code!

Well done guys!
Good effort if you tried and I just want to congratulate those other heroes who entered correctly :)
Good job!

BTW, if you didn't win can you PLEASE not make a big drama about it.
I get heroes who throw big hissy fits because they didn't win.
Please don't do that just be happy for the winners.
And there WILL be more membership competitions soon so don't fret :)

I also wanna let you guys know that there are gonna be some new features and even a new site for you guys to explore the past...
WOOPS I've said too much, but keep your eyes peeled on this blog for more sneak peeks and updates!

Congrats Silver and Kylea and have a GREAT weekend :D

Hey space heroes a few minutes ago the official space heroes twitter tweeted a tweet asking if we could become a kritter which one would we want to become.
Do you think this will be a permanent feature or a feature exclusive to a party?

In celebration of my blog's first birthday (June 16th), I'm holding a RAFFLE and the lucky heroes who win will get a one month membership code!!
There are TWO memberships up for grabs, so let's get started!

I have selected 3 different numbers all between 0 and 30.
The two heroes who guess the correct numbers will win the memberships.
I'm starting the competition today and it will end on June 15th.
The winners will be announced on the 16th, so that gives you guys about a week to enter.
I'll comment an example so you know exactly what to do.
You have to be a NON MEMBER to enter this contest, so NO CHEATING!!

You can enter TWICE so that it gives you a better chance.
So comment your numbers and you might just win a one month membership code!!!!!
Please read those rules CAREFULLY so that you don't do anything wrong.


Hey heroes! Lillia here! :D 
Have you heard of the game 'Sky Jump'? If you haven't, here's where you can find it on the map!
It's super fun, and easy to play too! Basically you gotta jump off a platform, and press the space bar before you land to activate a parachute! BUT, you gotta do this as close to the landing spot as possible, in order to beat the others and show off your awesome gaming skill! You'll understand what I mean when you play it ;) The GOOD news is, it's now MULTIPLAYER!! Whereas it wasn't before, now it is! And it's a whole lot more fun! 
What do YOU guys think about this? I think I'm gonna have a blast versing my other friends, and showing off my awesome skill ;) Comment about what you think might help make the game even MORE fun! Perhaps even add more levels, and obstacles to add a bit of a challenge ;)
Wassup, heroes!?
Choc here again!!

I've got some SWEET news for you guys!
BGI have recently released sneak peeks for their brand NEW mobile game called, Cake Bake Blitz!
I've got some character pics for you, and I gotta say, some of them are REALLY corny XD
Name: Katy Cupcake -Info: She's the main character -City: UNKNOWN
Name: Big Tony Tiramisu- Info: Kinda reminds me of that fat dude on Master Chef- City: New York
Name: Dame Pavlova -Info: JUST like Dame Edna!!! -Country: Australia :D
Name: Magnifico -Info: Guessing his name has something to do with macaroons?? -Country: Brazil
I really LOVE these characters!!
And I seriously can't wait until the game is available for download on Android and iOS!!!!!!

Who is your favourite character!?
Comment your thoughts!!

Have a fantabulous Friday, heroes!


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