Hey space heroes once again SHU is updating.
But this time i am very sure that it will be the secret agent party because @PlaySpaceHeroes tweeted this.
Are you exited? 
Heyy guys... guess what?! I'm here with ANOTHER sweet Secret Agent party sneak peek!
The moderators sent in this exclusive picture of the Space Heroes Academy, totally in ruins! What could have possibly happened here?! I suspect it has something to do with those pesky nauts, and I think we're going to need YOUR help more than ever, when the party hits (most likely some time in August)!

Anyways, check out this pic!
Crazy huh?! Do you think we're gonna have to gear up for some sort of undercover battle?!
STAY TUNED for more awesome sneak peeks!
~Lillia :D
Hey agents, I got another secret message from Space Heroes Official Twitter with a sneak peek of the agent gear we will be able to buy.
Over and out..
-Agent S
Hey everyone, Choc here with something EPIC to share with you!
The SHU team just Tweeted a sneak peek of a Secret Agent STARJET that will be featured at the Secret Agent Party!
Check it out..
I really can't wait until the Secret Agent Party!
What do you guys think?
Comment your thoughts below!

Hey spies, when I was playing a game on SHU I got a message from the mods telling us that the Secret Agent Party is coming soon.
When do you think we will start seeing clues?


Hey everyone, Choc here!

I've got a cool sneak peek of an upcoming party and I think it's Secret Agent related ;)
Check out the Tweet..
And yeah, the Galactic Sports Party is ending but there's ALWAYS room for another party!!
What do you guys think about the sneak peek?
Comment your thoughts :)


There's going to be a MAJOR change coming to ChocCheats so I won't get rid of the Galactic Sports Party stuff until the huge update.

Hi heroes!
Choc here with some SUPER AWESOME news for you guys in the UK :D
SHU are planning to sell membership cards in ASDA stores in over 1000 locations all over the UK!
I've been to ASDA (yes, in the UK) and it's pretty huge!
Good thing there's enough room for the Space Heroes membership card awesomeness!!
Maybe when I go to the UK next year, I could see if they've got the cards ;)
What do you guys think?
Comment your thoughts!
Cya soon guys :)

Heyy there heroes! Lillia here!

I just wanna spread a VERY important message to all you heroes out there, involving internet safety! Lots of you have been sharing accounts, thinking it's okay, but there are consequences! Even if you share something as simple as your email address, you could get hacked, along with your hero. Also, be careful  when talking to people in chats that you don't know in real life. Do NOT share any personal details! If you do, your hero could:

1. Risk suspension (sharing heroes is against the rules!)
2. Your login details could spread to more people (trust me, this has happened before!)
3. The person you gave it to might suspend it just for entertainment, which is TOTALLY wrong and unfair.
4. They could spend all your coins or remove your buddies from your list

 If this has happened to you, then change your password ASAP! To do this, just head to the login page, and click 'login as another hero', till you get to THIS page! Then just click 'Forgot Username / Password'
After you enter your details, a password/username reset link will be sent to your email. If you don't have access to the email you used to create your account, ask your parents for some help!

SPREAD THE WORD!! And remember, keep your personal details and login details SECRET!
~Lillia :D