Hey everyone!
Chocolate here!

So you probably noticed, ANOTHER new theme!
It's meant to be spooky Halloween like, coz you know, IT'S OCTOBER!
I thought that I'd make a flying start, so I decided to change the theme. (Again)
I'm still figuring out what to do so just stay tight for the time being.
If you're wondering why i change my theme so much, it's because I lose interest quickly sometimes.
And I also LOVE experimenting with something different.
But don't worry! This is the theme that will stay until the end of Halloween! ;D

What should I dress Fizzablista in for the Halloween costume pic above?

Witch: 1
Zombie: 2
Waffle: 6
Vampire: 3


Hey heroes! Lillia here,  new post went up on the LSH Fanclub about the new Heroes of the Week! Here it is:

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.

Hey guys, there's a new post on the Little Space Heroes Fanclub, and it's the new homepad of the week! Heres the post:
Every hero deserves a rad galactic getaway. Homepads of the week showcases the awesome homes space heroes can chill out and kick back in after a hard day exploring the galaxy.

This week’s awesome homepad of the week goes to Nickycopy!

Yo there Heroes! Lillia here, AND an AWESOME new post just came on the LSH Fanclub, about a Laser Skirmish video! THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... To check out a video of the epic battle between the LSH team and fans! Heres the post:
Not since the glows were taken by Lord Shadowbot and his minions has a battle so epic taken place! The Little Space Heroes Team, armed with laser blasters, took on fearless and brave young heroes in the ultimate Laser Tag Showdown! What do you think of our awesome fans?
AWESOME HUH! Shout out to Chubby for creating this AMAZING video and Ari for posting this for everyone to experience! :D
Till next time heroes!
Chocolate here!
I was just browsing the Bubblegum Interactive website, when I found something that was posted of the 24th...
Bubble Gum Interactive is proud to announce that we’ll be taking part in Tech 23 2012, Australia’s leading tech event.

Tech23 offers $100,000 in cash prizes for the best of its top 23 companies. The funding is provided by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment. In addition to the 23 competitors, additional exciting technologies will be on show at Tech23’s Innovation Island.

Tech23 is sponsored by the NSW Government, the Australian Technology Showcase, NICTA, the University of Technology Sydney, CSIRO, Citrix, and Commercialisation Australia

We’re looking forward to learning from and sharing with an esteemed group of startups and early stage technology companies. Each company is given five minutes to deliver a pitch about what it is that they do, who their audience is, what sets them apart and why they’re awesome. Paul Gray will be representing Bubble Gum on the day. Paul loves doing pitches and looks forward to sharing our story on the day.

More information about the event and details on how to purchase tickets are available at theTech23 website.

Awesome right?
There are new AWESOME UPDATES on Little Space Heroes!!!!!!!

There's a really pretty sound when you log in!
There is also a party list, to tell you when the next party is on!
And when you request or accept a buddy, you will see that the message has changed!
I don't know if that's the COMPLETE list of updates, but I'll post more if i find out!

Heya guys! Lillia here,

Just posting on another new moderator note today! Instead of blue, its turned ORANGE! AWESOME RIGHT? Well anyway, not only that, but the game is going down for a couple of minutes while they add a few more updates! I wonder what they could be? HERE'S A PIC! 
(And NO I didn't use bad language, I typed the word Ho and got this message. But DON'T try this online, because it risks suspension! Though I'm NOT sure what ho means.) 
Hey everyone!
Yeah, I have a Fantage blog!
The reason why I'm telling you guys about it now, is because it's crying out for help. It's only had 7 views, and I've been thinking about how to get it more popular!
So I'm putting it up here! I really hope you guys view it.

Right now, since it's Autumn/Fall on Fantage, I changed the theme to a more Autumn-ish look. It will be like this until...

Next month, get ready for a spookier theme!

If you want to see my Fantage Blog, or maybe even join the team, I'll give you the link...


It gives up to date info of parties, new items, sneak peeks and pretty much similar stuff to this blog!

I regularly check the LSH Facebook page, and I checked just then and there was a pic of me, Super Ann, Lillia and Squishy at laser on Sunday...
THEEEEEN... when I look at the comments...
Look at comments, 1 and 4.
1 MAKES ME LOL!!!!!!!!

Okay, Joshua Melodillar, here's a message from me...
Cool wid dat Josh?