Yo heroes!

So today the Deep Dive Party was released along with some cool games and updates.
So that's why I'm here to give you guys the low-down on what's going on in Space Heroes Universe!!
The first thing you get when you log in?
An epic Deep Dive Party badge of course!
Just like the Galactic Fun Fair, there's a cool scavenger hunt!
You have to try and find all the sea Kritterz hidden around the Homeworld!
There are also some epic new clothes for members to buy!
Check 'em out!!
And guess what's back?
YEP! The good old Diving Gear is BACK!!
Just go to The Coast and click DIVE HIRE to check out the Diving catalog.
Well I think I've covered everything :)
I am also aware that the March edition of the Galactic Times newspaper is out, and that will be up here soon.

Well the SHU Team have definitely put a LOT of work into this for you guys, so if you see a moderator say THANKS!!

Chocolate signing out :D

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