Yo sports fans!
Choc here with the latest on the GSP (Galactic Sports Party)
So starting off with the homepage, the heroes and Kritterz got a cool sport-tacular MAKEOVER!
And the decorations look AMAZING! Looks like the SHU team went all out in making the Homeworld look like a sports invasion!
Check it out..
You can also race your buddies at the Plaza!
Look, I'm winning!!!
OH YEAH, when you log in you get this SWEET GSP Pin to add to your collection!
After you get your pin, get ready to go on a scavenger hunt for sports balls with Zed!
When you've found all 20, you get a prize..
Gems and coins! :D
OMG I can NOT forget about the epic costumes!
Check out the stylish new sports gear exclusive to Hero Mart..
This is what the girls sports costumes look like in your inventory.
Okay so now onto other updates.
..well, sorta.
This update still has to do with the party but oh well XD
Take a look at the NEW sports-themed Homepad items up for sale!
And last but CERTAINLY not least, June's issue of the Galactic Times is OUT!
So guys, what're you waiting for!?
Log onto spaceheroes.com and join in the FANTABULOUS Galactic Sports Party!
Tell me, what's YOUR favourite part about the party?
My fave HAS to be the costumes!


Have a great end-of-the-week, heroes ;)

Sophie SHU

Nice! but you were only winning cuz no one was with u...


lol that's the joke.

Sophie SHU

Yeh I know:-)


pogi ako


AWESOME!! nice post choc :D


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