Little Space Heroes has just turned 1!!!
So I was just talking to my good old friend cj when I saw something...
'Ari is now online'. Followed by a "YAY!" followed by a message from the moderator. Party at the Coast!!!
Ari was there handing out balloons and stuff while SOME impatient heroes kept shouting at Ari to GIVE THEM THE BALLOON!
I kept saying JUST WAIT but they didn't listen.
So I decided to take some happy snaps of the party but I only got a few because Ari had to 'Jet Off' 5 minutes into the party. O.o
Here are the pics...

Oh yeah, I forgot, Screenbones was online this morning and I'm gonna post some pics of it later on in the next blog post!


7/3/2012 06:03:25 pm

When you do the pics, could you mention my Funny Pictures contest?


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