I'm getting sick of all these awesome heroes getting Hero of the Week all the time...
EVERYONE deserves Hero of the Week!
Here's the post from the fan club...

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.
Lightning is the The king of Astro’S! Lightning is the fastest, nicest, coolest waiter you’ll ever meet! Hard working and eager to help, Lightning always serves the best food with a smile. 
Glynn is the sweetest alien around! Always ready to help, she’s a sociable, happy alien with ears that perk up whenever a new cadet is town! She’s shown new heroes how to get a glow and complete flight training, and she’s no stranger to dancing the night away with hero friends in the plaza, making the game fun for everyone! 
ZoomyCooly is one of our most sociable, friendly and happy heroes! Always there with a smile on her face, she helps new heroes every day and hangs out with her buddies. She also has a heap of awesome kritterz that she’s happy to show off! 
Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week! 

do you know someone who deserves hero of the week?
or maybe you wanna be hero of the week!

the winners of my membership comp will be announced soon!

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