YAY!!! (I keep saying YAY at the beginning of every post don't I?)
Okay, so I might not know 1 or 2 of these heroes very well but I KNOW they deserve Hero of the Week!
Here's the post from spaceheroesfanclub.com

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies. This week we’ve paid special attention to all the heroes who help newbies find the sign up desk at Space Hero Academy, complete flight training, and make their first environmentally friendly waves on their jetpack.

Jackson is a friendly and helpful alien who is always guiding heroes on their first quests, helping guide them through Starjet Training. We hear even Kira’s noticed how helpful he’s been! Thanks Jackson for helping out new cadets.

Sasha is always ready to lend a helping hand for newbies not sure where the best and coolest hang out spots and minigames are. She’s helped new heroes find their way to the Shipwreck, into Moon Rock Cafe and Bubble Blaster Park. Thanks Sasha for making the homeworld so friendly and welcoming!
Matrix Man is one of the friendliest heroes of all time! Offering an amazing taxi service, he waits outside the homeworld, ready to help new heroes on their way to other planets. He uses the squad-up feature in helping new heroes on their first quests, which is brave as he has to battle nauts and asteroids every day to help these young heroes.
Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week!


do you know an awesome space hero?
(who has not been hero of the week)
comment on who you think should be hero of the week next week!

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