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HEY GUYS, Choc here!

Okay so remember how I went to Vivid Sydney last Thursday night and saw the presentation 'The Making of a Mobile Game'? 
Well today is the day I'm allowed to show you some pictures I took myself of that night and some cool NEW updates coming to Jetpack Jinx VERY soon!
So I've got some pictures of the semi-updated mobile game, Jetpack Jinx!

Just download Jetpack Jinx then open it to see some glitchy updates.
Well it's still a bit glitchy (as I said before), and I can't really open the actual game so you'll have to wait a bit for the full version to be released.
BUT when I was at the presentation, I got to play the full version completely glitch free!
And it was shown on a screen, so whatever I was doing on the iPad, was put on the screen!!
It was SO cool!!
And I'm pretty sure I can confirm that there WILL be a Friends option.
So I'm guessing there will be some multiplayer action coming into the game soon, so just keep your eyes open for MORE updates and sneak peeks!!!

PLEASE download Jetpack Jinx it's SUPER DUPER FUN!!!!!
And it's FREE!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks, guys :D


There will be a VERY special event coming up on the 16th June for this blog and there might be some parties and maybe even some membership giveaways...

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