Choc here!!
I'm back and I'm awesome-er than ever!
WELL as you were probably not aware of, I've been at school camp for the past three days.
It was GREAT!! 
I went to the beach, roasted marshmallows, did archery and all that!
So anyways, enough about me, now onto the epic virtual items you get when you purchase a Space Heroes membership card at EBGames!
Check it out..
You get a super cool ultra-rare Bunny Kritter, and epic Bomber Jacket AND an out-of-this-world Starjet!
How much cooler can it get!?
Let me know what you think in the comments!

Wow, cool Chocolate! I guess the School Camp has brought back your enjoyment of High School!

Has anyone got the rabbit kritter yet?

On another topic, your Shout Outs has become last weeks ShoutOuts.


Okay that's strange o.O
I'll put up a brand new one soon!


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