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Heya heroes!
Choc here again :D

WELL I've got some really exciting news!
There are gonna be SHU membership cards at Toys R Us stores in Australia!
So if you can't find any cards in your local EB Games (OMG they sell so quickly!), soon you'll be able to purchase membership cards from Toys R Us stores.
But remember, only in Australia!
#totesexcitement! INDEED :D
I REALLY hope you guys are excited!!
Even you Kiwis down there in NZ should be excited :)

I know you guys are thinking about that graphics shop I was gonna open.
I'm having second thoughts about it due to the fact that I'm spending more time off the computer than I used to.
REALLY sorry guys!

And TWO more things!!
I JUST wanted to let you guys know that it's my birthday next week on the 16th :D!!
I'm turning 13 and I might do a little giveaway instead of a party ;)
You've probably noticed by now that I've put up a counter.
So you're counting down to my birthday AND to the giveaway :D

Last thing..
DO NOT FORGET about Vivid Sydney!
I might be looking around Sydney and taking some happy snappies so make sure to check the blog in early June for pics of Vivid Sydney!
There's another thing I wanted to tell you about Vivid Sydney yet but the choice isn't final so I'll let you know in about a week or two.



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