Heya guys!
I'm Lillia, and I have the grand honours of being a new author of CHOCOLATE CHEATS! (Excitement!!) So you've probably seen me around LSH and from comments on the Fanclub, and if NOT, just take a look at the AWESOME EPIC PIC OF ME ABOVE!!!!!!
I'm a serious regular on LSH (who wouldn't be?!), so if u see me around say HEYA! 

and BTW if u wanna see my website (ITS A WORKING PROGRESS) go to littlespaceheroesfansite.blogspot.com
Be prepared for some seriously awesome posting guys... WOOT WOOT!

9/21/2012 10:11:27 am

Great work my friend! I saw Lillia AND Chocolate today :) I am SOOOOO excited that Chocolate and Lillia are my buds! Keep it coming and have a great time. PEACE!!!!!


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