Hey again heroes!!
Choc here!

So today I was just giving my homepad a MAKEOVER when I noticed some new grooves on the Homepad Music list.
Check 'em out..
You have to buy them, and they are 50 coins each.
I managed to buy all of them, and they all sound SO cool!

I actually DON'T KNOW if this has been blogged on other blogs yet or if it's old news.
So I dunno, I thought I might just blog about it just in case.

I HIGHLY recommend you save your coins to buy Gizmo's Dub Beatz.
And for girls I think you'll like Solar Surfin'
It's so nice!!

Hey, if you could make up a sweet tune for your homepad, what would it be?
Would it be Pop, Rock, Dance or Western??

Comment your thoughts below :)

Keep on groovin'!

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