Hey heroes!
Choc here!!

First of all, I would just like to inform you that ChocCheats has NOT been hacked so it is COMPLETELY free from harm.
So now onto the epic updates!
First there's the new room..
And HOW exactly do you get there?!
Go to the Dive Spot and keep Bubble Blasting the gate until it opens.
When it opens, click it and you will be in the cool new room!
ALSO there are two NEW Kritterz to be found in this room!!
Check out Octo and Pengu!
As you go deeper down, it gets darker and spookier...
...where you can fight a giant lobster-like creature!!
That's not the ONLY cool update!
There are brand COLOURFUL NEW space suits at Space Suits R Us!!
Check 'em out!
Pretty exciting huh!?

Make sure you comment your thoughts below!!
Raeka Red

you know when you have killed the giant lobster-like creature it gust comes back and if it waves is claw you go spinning. Dizzy yo.

ps: I rely need a parcel do you know how to get one? Because no one knows.

pps:I can’t let you in on the night fright secret.


I know because it's a game.

I also know how to get and give gifts.
Click a hero and click the gift button.
Choose a gift to send to them.

Hope it helped :D


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