Hey everyone!
Choc here!

Choc Cheats' new Graphics Shop only opened yesterday, and it's already gotten 3 orders!
Not bad I guess.
Angel was first to order an icon, iHugs was second to order an icon and Timbo was third to order an icon.
And these are what I came up with...
Remember, you don't JUST have to order an SHU icon, you can order Banners and Backgrounds too!
And we don't just do SHU graphics!
We do Fantage and PetPet Park as bonuses!
So what are you waiting for?
No seriously, what are you waiting for, I want Fizz, Ann and Lillia to have a go creating graphics for you guys too. -.-

Click HERE to go to our graphics shop!


Good work Chocolate! :D


Love the icon! Can't believe I'm first :D


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