Hi guys!
Its me fizz here,
I posted on lillia's blog about bulling and i think i should also show you guys as well so here it is.
Hi everyone,
Fizz here,

I'm here to talk about a major issue that has been happening and happens at least once or twice in a persons life, and i'm talking about bulling.
Our crew wanted to let you guys know and be totally aware of bulling because its not a joking matter. It comes in many different forms. There are also different ways that bulling can be targeted at someone for example social media like facebook, twitter and my space and even youtube. There are 3 main points of attack also called the bulling triangle.

The bulling triangle is made up of 3 people, the bully, target and bystander. The bystander, you may think is nothing but really it is. Bystanders are letting people get hurt and don't help the victim or aka the target. This does have a serious affect on everyone.

Types of bulling
There are many different types of bulling that happens all the time and it even happens to celebrities! But i really want u heroes to know that it DOES happen to ordinary people like u or i. So the types of bulling are;

  • Cyber bulling:
Cyber bulling is when bulling happens online, through social networking apps or devices, on blogs and through messaging devices like phones. Cyber bulling can be very, VERY distressing and terrifying for victims. There have been cases where police have been involved with this type of bulling. How to deal with it?; Tell an adult or someone you trust about the issue. Block or ignore the bully and report them to mods. We also advise to please DO NOT attack the bully. Attacking them will only make people think less of your-self and it WILL bring u more trouble even if your a good person.

  • Physical bulling:
Physical bulling is when people attack you physically and can cause serious injury. This type of bulling mainly happens in school playgrounds and out of school. How to deal with it?; Tell an adult or someone that you trust about it. This is definitely NOT OK WHAT SO EVER!

  • Verbal bulling:
Verbal bulling is when people swear, use hurtful language, gossip and spread rumours about you behind your back and it really can be very hurtful. It does also happen online not just offline. How to deal with it?; To deal with verbal bulling, you have to tell an adult or someone you trust about it. If it is happening online it also counts as cyber bulling. Report or block this person, but also if this situation becomes MAJORLY serious police may have to get involved.

  • Social bulling:
Social bulling is when a group of people exclude you and separate you from your friends and social society like in the play ground they would purposely get people to turn away from you leaving you alone and not wanting to go to school or visit that place any more. How to deal with it?; To deal with social bulling, you have to tell an adult that you trust and if you feel brave enough, talk to your friends and tell them that what the bully is saying is not true. If they are your real true friends they will stand along beside you.

Standing up for yourselfs
Standing up for yourself takes IMMENSE courage and trust i know about. I've been bullied twice at my school and its so upsetting that i had to get professional help. But i had enough trust in the people i knew to help me through it. The main important thing to ever do in a bulling situation it to stand u for yourself and tell someone you trust like your parents or teachers or your bff. To stand up for yourself you have to have someone beside you like your friends to confront the bully and tell them how much they really hurt you. Most of the time the only reason a bully, bullies someone is to make them feel stronger and more powerful then everyone else, to do what ever they want and this is NOT ok!

We want you heroes to know that bulling is so NOT ok! It can really hurt people emotionally and physically and can be really deverstating for the people around them. So we want you heroes to stand up for yourselfs! defend your friends! and remember the way to stand up to a bully is NOT to bully them back because it'll only make things incredibly worse. If you heroes ever need some advice or help go to our contact page here~> http://littlespaceheroesfansite.blogspot.com.au/p/contact-us.html to info us about any bulling behave happening in SHU and we will try to help you as MUCH! as can.
I hope you found this post helpful and eye opening.
stay safe guys and have fun! and i hope you enjoyed the post

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