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Hey everyone!
Choc here!

I've got some exciting news for you all!
Space Heroes has been invited to give a talk on the making of Jetpack Jinx at the Museum of Contemporary Art on the 30th May.
If you guys have NO IDEA what Vivid Sydney is, it's an event where they project images, patterns and animations on famous buildings around Sydney.
I went to see it last year and it was AMAZING!
Here's the sort of thing they do..
You amazed now?
The Space Heroes team will talk about how they started making Jetpack Jinx and all the cool details on design and aim.
SO exciting!!

I'll have a SUPER SPECIAL surprise for you all later on so keep checking the blog for more incredible updates!

What are your thoughts?
Comment below :D

Raeka Red

Ooh cool will thay project a picher of jinx or some thing on to the Museum of Contemporary?


No they're not going to do that.
They're just giving a talk on how they made Jetpack Jinx.
That would be cool though!!


im sure using visual basics or like making a cpps using files first PE Public and Notepad++ and Source Code And Apache then extracting and installing things into the games directory!!




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