Heya heroes!
Choc here!

Haven't posted as much have I?
Well I'm posting now to let you guys know about two awesome things that are coming your way!
But you lucky heroes in the UK get some extra awesomeness ;)
ANYWAYS I'm just gonna jump straight into it by telling you that the next episode of the Space Heroes Cartoon will be out SOON!
It'll be called 'Rumble In The Jungle'.

And also, if you're in the UK, the wait is over!!
You'll be able to purchase Space Heroes membership cards SOON!
Like, REALLY soon!!
You heroes BETTER be getting excited because I know I am! :D
Enjoy your week guys, and I'll try to post and chat to you.
Have fun, heroes!!

The school holidays are coming up so I'll be able to go online more often!
Along with Lillia, Super Ann and Fizzablista :D!!

Raeka Red

ZOMG it is so exiting cus I am in the UK. plus SHU said that smash bot will be in the next epusod ,in a jungle sevsly. I do think its in a jungle but whith smash bot NO WAY!


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