Hey heroes! Lillia here! :D 
Have you heard of the game 'Sky Jump'? If you haven't, here's where you can find it on the map!
It's super fun, and easy to play too! Basically you gotta jump off a platform, and press the space bar before you land to activate a parachute! BUT, you gotta do this as close to the landing spot as possible, in order to beat the others and show off your awesome gaming skill! You'll understand what I mean when you play it ;) The GOOD news is, it's now MULTIPLAYER!! Whereas it wasn't before, now it is! And it's a whole lot more fun! 
What do YOU guys think about this? I think I'm gonna have a blast versing my other friends, and showing off my awesome skill ;) Comment about what you think might help make the game even MORE fun! Perhaps even add more levels, and obstacles to add a bit of a challenge ;)

I am not saying it in a bad way or anything, but it was there a while ago. Add me btw :D

Raeka Red

I had to post this some wher but I RILLY RILLY RILLY wanna be a parte of the Space Heroes Fansite crew and i hered you chocolate are one.


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