Hey again heroes!
Choc here!!

Tomorrow, Space Heroes Universe is getting some MEGA cool updates!
It's mainly brand spanking new CATALOGS!
Sparky's been hard at work designing cool new Starjets for you heroes to blast off into out of space with!!
Here's another Starjet sneak peek the Space Heroes team released..
Oh this looks SO cool!!
Will you be buying the cool new Starjets?
Comment your thoughts!!

actully, today we have free team jackets,member pets,member pet's food and MOST COOL OF ALL.................... THE NEWEST BESTEST STAR JETS! ALSO FOR MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS! I love team kira space kittens, cause i love kira :P i love ace too :P i don't like dogs, it will maybe bite me, LOL i like kittens, i love my Member Star Jet!!! It's Pretty COOL, I'm Not a member, but i got this Member Star Jet On Sparky's..... I LOVE ALL I GET!!!! on member pets, I think i'm going crazy there LOL i said, "am i not thinking?" LOL


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