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new starjet moves!

There are new starjet moves!
Here's the post from the fan club...
Supa-Nova! Sparky, our favorite fuzzy haired engineer has been tinkering away in his workshop for weeks. We weren’t quite sure what he was up to but there were lots of sparks flying, smoke streaming and explosions…. er… exploding!

At long last he’s revealed what he’s been working so hard at! Here’s a message from our intergalactic Mr-Fix-it.

“There’s nothing better than feeling the power of your starjet as you soar across the galaxy! My new upgrades are sure to make your Starjet more hyper-tastic than ever! Come visit my shop and turbo-charge your ride!”

Sparky’s new Starjet moves include:

  • Barrel Roll – Bamboozle your friends with a spinning barrel roll
  • Starburst – Drop a starburst to dodge bobble attacks and soar to victory
  • Spin – Whirl your way out of trouble with Starjet spins. Wheeeee!
  • Invisibility – Now you see me, now you don’t! Go invisible to wow your hero pals!
What’s your signature move?

the ultimate springbot smashball showdown!

The battle was on! The galaxy’s number 1 Springbot Smashballer takes on one of the homeworld’s most famous boy heroes!

In the left corner was Caspernicus, the creator of Springbot Smashball, in the Little Space Heroes game studio. In the right corner, Adrian, a talented smashballer.

It wasn’t their first face off. They’ve played each other before. Casper always won, and Adrian vowed to practice…

All of Adrian’s practice would lead him to this one moment. Fuelled by an apple, Casper was energised. They were both online. The homeworld stars had aligned!

Casper told Adrian to bring it! Adrian wondered if playing with a trackpad would be a problem…

Then, it happened. The ultimate Springbot Smashball Showdown…

“I thought some asteroids would explode, having so much talent on one table!” exclaimed Alienphil. “The duel is on!”

Dellska, Chubby, Xander, Poppy, Ehylna, Ari and Chief all watched with baited breath. Who would win in this monster showdown?

Watch the video for yourself, with Chubby’s talented commentary!

Congratulations Adrian! You are officially Supreme Superstar Springbotting Smashballer of Springbot Smashball! 

super hero party pin revealed!

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s the Super Hero Party Pin!

Every Space Hero who takes part in the incredible adventures of our upcoming super hero party will unlock this exclusive party pin. Crafted from pure awesomeness with a dash of daring and a splash of super, the Super Hero Party pin will make the perfect addition to your Space Hero journal.

We can’t wait till the Super Hero party. It’s going to be EPIC. Till then – up, up, and away!

awesome homepads! 17th august

Every hero deserves a rad galactic getaway. Homepads of the week showcases the awesome homes space heroes can chill out and kick back in after a hard day exploring the galaxy.

This week’s awesome homepad of the week goes to Thunder!

From its stunning, sprawling garden complete with homeworld flag, swimming area and sandbox, as well as gorgeous tree to swing on, to its stunning, brightly coloured interior, this is a house any hero would be proud to call home! 
Congratulations Thunder!

Every space hero gets their own house to call home-sweet-home. What’s yours like? Do you have a homepad you’d like to nominate?

Still, it still gets awesome!

what do you guys think!?


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