Hey heroes!!
Choc here!!

Space Heroes Universe has SO many new updates!
Including the January issue of the Galactic Times, a new photo option and more!
Check out the newspaper..
Okay, so now down do the other updates.

The Servers have changed slightly.
Check it out..
And now, there's NEW super cool gifts you can buy for your friends!!
And now, when you play a muliplayer game, a little bubble shows up above you, meaning that you're waiting for someone to play with you.
VERY handy!
AND the new space suit colours are now available for ALL heroes to purchase!
I'm gonna buy them ALL!!!!
These are only minor updates, but the Gem amount has been put underneath the Coin amount, and on the Friends List button, there's now a picture of a boy's face.
Check it out..
There are GAZILLIONS more new features to discover, so why don't you suit up and log on to SpaceHeroes.com!

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