I didn't go on the computer at ALL yesterday thanks to a stupid black-out.
So today I'm gonna 'spill some beans' with you guys! (Lucky you!!)
I went on LSH today to find streamers, balloons and scarily, SLIGHTLY MORE VILLAINS THAN SUPER HEROES! (Is scarily a word!?)
If you guys are wondering, I DID take the pic up the top and ALSO, if you guys are wondering, HOW ON EARTH DID I get the WHOLE screen, just press CTRL ALT then scroll forward with your mouse.

I took some happy snaps and stuff for you Super Heroes to see!
Here you gooo...
Aren't you guys SO LUCKY to have me in the world!? (Aren't you??)

little space heroes extra is celebrating their 100th post!
go check it out!!!

what do you guys think!?
comment or get goo blasted by a ninja.. I mean a villain...

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