Yo heroes!
Choc here!!

I haven't posted in a while have I?
It's because I went to a place called Katoomba up in the Blue Mountains.
It was GREAT!!
Okay, but more on that later, cuz I'm here to let you know about certain awesomeness that's going around right now ;)
So firstly, a HUUGGE shout out to LILLIA for reaching 100K Views, AND for the epic new design on her site!
And after seeing her new site design that she actually CODED HERSELF, I got inspired to put some extra stuff on ChocCheats!

So secondly, I just want to let you know that I'm looking for cool ideas for this site.
I thought I might ask you guys cuz you're SURELY gonna have better ideas than me, right?
So you could suggest something that could go on the sidebar here ------------------------------->
Or maybe something that could go on the homepage!
So just explore through the pages on ChocCheats so you can get your brain working on some cool ideas :D

Third of all, I have another cool announcement to make.
I MIGHT be re-opening the Graphics Shop but I WON'T be making icons or banners.
I'll be making something else more awesome and time consuming :o
But more on that in later posts..

So guys, when you see Lillia, congratulate her!
She deserves it :)
And don't forget to submit your ideas in the comments below.
You never know, your idea could become an actual feature on ChocCheats!!
I'll put up a link on the hom



Chocolate What font does SHU use for the main header


I commented on Lillia's site that it's AWESOME!! BTW Choc,can you add my site on the blogroll? it's Leiz Cheats SHU



hi.....choc pls add my blog izeeh.webbly.com and the name is izeeh space heroes blog pls..........



I think you shod have a cartoon sires you culd call it Chco's avencher or Space heroes Girls or Space Frends. Gust if you do it put me in it and oh wanna go on my website hear it is: http://spaceheroesuniverseraekarad.webs.com/index.htm


That would be REALLY tricky to make a cartoon of me!
It would take AGES and I don't even have the right equipment!
But thanks for the creative suggestion anyway.
That shows how much you want ChocCheats to become awesome :3


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