With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.

This week we’ve put a villainous twist to find the coolest villains in the galaxy!

First up is No, an awesome hero who is already ready to help new players make their first steps towards the Space Heroes Academy for flight training. When she’s not helping new heroes, she’s hanging out at Evil Headquarters in Bubble Blaster Park, looking for new traps! 
Atom is an awesome hero who’s a protector of all new heroes! Helping out new heroes as they make their way across Bubble Blaster Park, he’s a friend to all! 
GGStar is one of the friendliest aliens you’ll ever meet! Always up for an adventure, she’s happy to explore the galaxy with fellow heroes and villains!

Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week!

Quick announcement guys,
I played the finals of netball today and my team won against a team we lost against before! The score was 13/12 and I'm SUPER HAPPY that we're now in the GRAND FINALS of netball!

who do you think should be hero (or villain) of the week!?



Wow congratulations on Netball! Good game, especially by one point! You should be mighty happy!


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