__YO YO GUYS, Lillia here,
I have a SUPER exciting (and SERIOUSLY LONG) post for you all! It's that Space Heroes Universe has had a festive make-over for CHRISTMAS! And it looks AMAZING so far! Here's some proof:
READ MORE to check out the rest of the EPIC UPDATES on SHU!!
When you come online, you get a new pin!
Here's the XMAS-TASTIC Plaza and coast! (Click to enlarge)
_AND what I think is my FAVOURITE bit of the Christmas party, you can turn people into SNOWMAN by using your blaster to shoot snowballs at them (which for some reason makes some people invisible...)
Here's how to use it:
_Here's something all you non members have been waiting for... a chance to buy FURNITURE! Because now there's furniture that is available to all heroes! Cool huh?
_AND some of the new christmas furniture:
_Not only this, but you can now make MUSIC play in your homepad by buy this new 'Galactic Ghetto Blaster'! EPIC RIGHT? Here's how:
_A picture of it in action:
_DON'T FORGET to buy your friends the new BFF gifts too!!
_AND pets can now FLY while your using your jetpack! Here's how to make that happen:
_There was also a new SHU Character added to give guides!
Can't forget THESE: The bubble blaster park :D
And the new highscore screen you see after a game! (BUT not the multiplayer ones)
_ENJOY ALL THESE XMAS GOODIES! Comment what YOU think of these epic new updates! :D 

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