Hey heroes, Super Ann here!

I was just checking my email when I saw one from Space heroes Universe.

It says my hero needs me and I will get a free gift if I type ADVENTURE into the PROMO WIZARD 3000.

You will get 2 500 coins and a brown pupki, but if you already have a brown pupki from Chrisdog, you can't get another one.

Have fun using the code!

-Super Ann

i got a red pupki from a code I used adventure to get a brown pupki but it doesn't work why?

5/19/2013 11:40:23 pm

lazerlady here just realised that adventure (the code) has expired so I cant get the brown pupki now all I have got is a red pupki but still that's awesome well now im addicted to this blog im on space heros universe and I cant stop playing on it LOL hi chocolate I have herd about u on other websites mabe we could meet up on space heros universe at the plaza and become friends I think your soo cool just like justice girl well bye cant wait for your reply.


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