Yo Heroes!!
Choc here!!!

As you've probably noticed, I've updated the site a bit.
There's now Gem Cheats, Shout Outs! and Pinboard of Shame.
On Gem Cheats, you can see where to find those sneaky Gem/Coin spots around the Homeworld!
On Shout Outs!, you can send in a Shout Out! to your friend, and I'll put the best one up here on the blog.
The Pinboard of Shame is where you can find Lord Shadowbot and some other bad heroes, just to warn you.
I've rearranged the pages again, so they fit under the same category.

Don't forget about the Membership comp and the coin comp, so click HERE!!!
I would also like to inform you guys about the Dark issue.
Well guess what, he's gone FOR GOOD!! :D
No more sad heroes, I hope!

There'll be more updates coming soon, like a new banners for Australia Day, Valentines Day and Easter!
Or maybe would you like another feature added to the Graphics Shop?
There's even MORE updates coming SUPER SOON to ChocCheats AND Space Heroes Universe!!

Got any suggestions for ChocCheats or Space Heroes Universe!??
Go to the contact page to email me about it!
1/22/2013 05:20:26 pm

Would you be able to tell us how Dark went for good?

1/22/2013 05:38:08 pm

Well, let's just say that Lillia got in contact with him, and got him to go for good :)


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