Hey space heroes, your parents have been emailed a new parent update telling them about the Secret Agent Party.
-Agent S
Hey heroes, Choc here with some awesome news!
I have made an Instagram account for you guys to follow me!!

Don't know what Instagram is?
Instagram is like Twitter, except it's an app for your mobile device. You can follow other users and LIKE their pictures.
(You must be 13 years or older to make an account)

So, if you have Instagram, you can follow me by searching my Username..


At the moment, I'm holding a membership competition on Instagram!
All you have to do is comment your Hero name and email on the membership post.
The winner will be selected randomly, so don't get angry if you think I chose someone because I like them the most. I REPEAT, THE WINNER WILL BE SELECTED AT RANDOM.

There is no closing date for the competition yet, but I will let you know of that.
OH, and you have to be 13 years or older to enter.
Sorry, kids :(

Go on Instagram and follow me for extra epicness!
Don't worry guys, there's DEFINITLY gonna be another competition on my NEW BLOG very soon! ;)

Have fun, heroes! :D

Hey secret agents, there is a new catalog at the Hero mart with 2 new pages.
There also is a new catalog at Sparky's Starjets. It has 3 new pages.
What is your favorite costume?

-Agent S

Hey everyone, Choc here with some HUUUGGGGE news.
I'm just gonna go straight into it..
I'm permanently moving Chocolate Cheats to Blogger instead of Weebly.
I've been thinking about it for a while and decided to do it.
I've also been working really hard on the brand new Chocolate Cheats so that it would look better than this blog.
You can visit my new blog, but you won't be able to see it until it's actually ready.
It doesn't look that great so far but it will look better over the next few weeks.
Sorry to you heroes who love this blog :(
But I think it would be better for me to move to Blogger because Weebly just doesn't fit for me anymore.
I'll keep posting on THIS blog until the new blog is released and up and running.
The new Chocolate Cheats will look better than ever :D


Here's the URL to the new blog..
Hey space heroes once again SHU is updating.
But this time i am very sure that it will be the secret agent party because @PlaySpaceHeroes tweeted this.
Are you exited? 
Heyy guys... guess what?! I'm here with ANOTHER sweet Secret Agent party sneak peek!
The moderators sent in this exclusive picture of the Space Heroes Academy, totally in ruins! What could have possibly happened here?! I suspect it has something to do with those pesky nauts, and I think we're going to need YOUR help more than ever, when the party hits (most likely some time in August)!

Anyways, check out this pic!
Crazy huh?! Do you think we're gonna have to gear up for some sort of undercover battle?!
STAY TUNED for more awesome sneak peeks!
~Lillia :D
Hey agents, I got another secret message from Space Heroes Official Twitter with a sneak peek of the agent gear we will be able to buy.
Over and out..
-Agent S
Hey everyone, Choc here with something EPIC to share with you!
The SHU team just Tweeted a sneak peek of a Secret Agent STARJET that will be featured at the Secret Agent Party!
Check it out..
I really can't wait until the Secret Agent Party!
What do you guys think?
Comment your thoughts below!

Hey spies, when I was playing a game on SHU I got a message from the mods telling us that the Secret Agent Party is coming soon.
When do you think we will start seeing clues?


Hey everyone, Choc here!

I've got a cool sneak peek of an upcoming party and I think it's Secret Agent related ;)
Check out the Tweet..
And yeah, the Galactic Sports Party is ending but there's ALWAYS room for another party!!
What do you guys think about the sneak peek?
Comment your thoughts :)


There's going to be a MAJOR change coming to ChocCheats so I won't get rid of the Galactic Sports Party stuff until the huge update.