Hey heroes!!
Choc here!

I'm FINALLY back from my epic holiday, and I'm ready to go BLOG CRAZY!!!!!!!

SO, there seems to be some new epic updates to come!
Like, new catalogs, badges, multiplayer game updates and MORE!
Check out these crazy new hairstyles..
Don't they just look STYLIN'?!
And there's also going to be a new Bubble Blaster Park BATTLE feature!
Check it out..
And Space Heroes is now in 2 NEW languages!
Arabic and Turkish!
Which language do YOU like to play?

And don't forget about the sale on annual memberships!
Up to 50% off!!
Check it out HERE.

OMG I CAN'T forget about the Space Heroes Cartoon!!
It's just passed 100,000 VIEWS!!! 
Go check it out HERE and don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE it with friends!
And this cartoon is only part 1!

There are LOADS more epic updates for you guys to look forward to!
Don't forget to check out this blog for more sneak peeks and updates!!

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