Super Hero Party blasts off this month!

Set your phasers to fun! Packed with more capes, mad cackles and crazy costumes than a comic convention, the Super Hero Party is the place to let your Inner Hero or Villain out to par-tay! But there’s more! Every great hero and villain need a sidekick, so watch your virtual pet kritterz go from cute to epic in seconds with larger than life costumes! This epic Little Space Heroes mega-party blasts off later this month!

Starjet upgrades

Pretty soon your starjet could be gone in 60 seconds! With an awesome new cloaking upgrade, you can go into invisible mode and investigate Lord Shadowbot’s nauts, barrel roll to dodge bubbles and starburst your way out of attacks! Members can upgrade their starjet with new modifications at Sparky’s Starjets!


New Games – Molecular Mayhem and Buggy Racing!

From the safety of Professor Q’s lab with its colorful glows, to the high-octane energy of space, we’ve got two awesome new mini games coming your way! Race against the clock to match colours in pure mayhem, or battle it out with buggies across edgy and gravity defying tracks! Why not write up a review of these new games, or perhaps list out your top five or top ten favorite free online games in Little Space Heroes. There’s over 40 to choose from now!


Members only Emoticons

Now you can express yourself however you want! We’re launching exclusive members-only emoticons so you can tell other heroes how awesome they are, clap and laugh at their jokes, and tell them it’s time to party! Here’s a few for you to enjoy!


Little Space Heroes Wiki

Have you seen the Little Space Heroes Wiki? Perhaps you’ve already written some content for it. Wikis are owned by fans and you can help to populate it with new articles, images and more. Some fan wikis become great sources of information for players and you can increase your Space Heroes Fame by being an editor on the wiki. Help the Little Space Heroes free online game by adding your ideas and expertise to the wiki at http://littlespaceheroes.wikia.com

Little Space Heroes Wall Graphics

Pulsating pulsars! Now you can go to the Hero’s Homeworld any time! From the fun of the Little Space Heroes kids virtual world to real-world awesomeness, you can now buy amazing new Space Heroes graphics from Walls 360. They’re available from teeny-tiny to ultra-gigantic and are easy to put on and reusable. You can put them anywhere you’d like, sticking and re-sticking until you get your universe perfect!

Fan Blog

Make sure you check out the Fan Blog http://www.spaceheroesfanclub.com. We’ve been sharing news as well as exclusive downloads including no less than THIRTEEN Little Space Heroes facebook timeline images – which you can use for anything you like – as well as loads of banners and tiles that you can share on your blog and of course plenty of tiles that you can use for Twitter or other social channel avatar pics. We hope you like ‘em. Oh! we add more images and downloads all the time.


Throwing a party?

Remember, if you plan to throw a Little Space Heroes party make sure you let us know via our Twitter. We can share news of your party or we’ll publish pics and news on our Fan Blog. Our awesome moderators do their best to come to space hero parties but they’re not always able to make it. If they can, they’ll be sure to rock out with you! If you’re wondering what some party ideas are, why not throw virtual pet games parties, organise space tours, go on galactic seed-collecting expeditions or just rock out at Moon Rock Disco? Oh, and make sure your partying friends know they can earn in-game rewards just by inviting their friends to Little Space Heroes!

Coming soon…

We’ve got lots more in store, from the Jungle Planet temple to the top-secret treehouse command post where you can keep your eye out for Shadowbot and his minions. We’re really outdoing ourselves with a spooky new surprises for Halloween which will be our biggest party ever!! We can’t say too much but the galaxy might be so bright and happy even Lord Shadowbot’s minions might make an appearance! Oh… and you’ve heard we’re working on Little Space Heroes cartoons right? Shh, I’ve already said too much!

Happy adventuring!

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