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Hey heroes and villains!
Choc here!!

Sorry this post is a LITTLE late but I've been really sick lately and haven't been able to post.
ANYWAYS you don't need to worry about that because I'm here now :D

Okay so the Super Hero Party has hit the Homeworld and there are some pretty cool features!
The Super Hero costumes are back and each one costs 2150 coins each :)
And when you log in you get this EPIC Super Hero Party pin!!
Check it out..
Oh, and I CAN'T forget that the Bubble Blaster Park has been changed ESPECIALLY for the party :D!!
And there are some pretty sneaky traps around too..
I can't BELIEVE I fell for this one!
There's also some pretty cool decorations around the place.
You can even bubble blast some of the decorations for some cool animations XD
You overwhelmed by the awesomeness?!
Well if you log into you'll probably EXPLODE with amazement!
I know I did ;)

OH OH one more thing!
The newest edition of the Galactic Times is out as well!
So what're you waiting for?!
Log in NOW!

Have fun, heroes!


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